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We have a new section for you to check out. New works by Amanda Fowkes. Enjoy it here!



Its a new update and while it may look like the same story... its close. What you have here revised story of Folding Wings renamed as Prologue: Folding Wings.


We are still alive and we are working on bringing you some content. For now we ask you (again) to be patient please and thank you.


We got a few things new for you. We have updated the art gallery, we have added a contact page for questions we might or might not answer and a page for our contributors for those who where curious about who is on our team. We are still working on upgrading our website to make it more enjoyable for you. Unfortunately our IT dept has realized they may have taken on more than they can handle. We ask you to be patient and yes the award system is working.


 Unfortunately more maintenance.

We at Life Abnormal are trying new things like using an award system instead of a punishment system to get our IT department to do their job. So this week one of our artist has given us a four page comic called The Masquerade Heist. Enjoy it here. 


Welcome to more maintenance.

We at Life Abnormal have just waterboarded our IT department for failure to meet deadlines. We do apologize for this delay so here are some pictures to tide you over. 

The Beginning

Hello people, what you have here is a bunch of artists who want to bring a vast and exciting space adventure to life. A universe filled with technology and magic, a fast growing universe that's practically uncontainable. 

Web Stories

We at Life Abnormal want to bring a series of stories to your fingertips in hope that you will enjoy them and share them with your peers.

Web Comics

We also want to bring you a series of visual stories, comics of course. I mean who doesn't like comics and no I don't want to hear from people who don't.