A poem by Amanda Fowkes

I have not been me

For quite some time

Surrounding myself with others

They become a part of me

Never have I been so close

Yet so far from who I am

I don’t understand how

But I am not me anymore

Around other people

I become like them

Understanding how to change

Who I am becoming

Yet unable to change

What is going on

I am stuck

In a never-ending circle

Changing who I am daily

Confusing myself and those around me

I am a chameleon

Ever changing

Ever evolving

Ever hiding…


Lost…in a sea of confusing emotions

So near a bank of safe haven

Lost…in a fog of frustration

So close to finding understanding

Lost…in a daze of amazement

So in love

Too Late

A poem by Amanda Fowkes

Too Late

The cold waves lapped cruelly against her exhausted body

Brutally forcing her out of her blissful daydreams

Daydreams of such comfort that would never come true

Shattered were the dreams of tomorrow

By the all-encompassing ocean of regret and pain

Causing tears to flow freely down her cheeks in proof of her innocence

Never ending tears entered the livid cuts

Slashed upon her face by everyone and no one

Hindering her ability to grow into her radiance

Angering those featureless people around her

Not knowing how tender and shy she truly was

Endless torture brought about by others’ frustrations

Causing endless unendurable pain

Pain and dashed hope

And dreams torn asunder

By people who meant well

By people who would never know

The pain

The soul wrenching agony they’d put her through

Those who’d meant well

Yet didn’t see

The burning horrible choices they’d forced upon her

Until it was

Too Late.