The Blog of RJF part 2

By Ronnie Pepperson and Amanda Fowkes

Blog post #4

Day 1 Of Training

Hello people! My first day of training went by pretty quick and boring. It wasn't that exciting or great but I mean it is a janitorial position and what can go wrong with that, right? The "paperwork" was probably just secret test to see who can handle others bullshit or something. Today I was learning all the ways to clean up basic spills from food related accidents to some minor chemical spills. Nothing major, pretty standard from what I can tell. I am going to keep this one short cause to be honest, I don't have much to say aside from it was pretty basic but this is only day 1 of ...? I don’t know I better ask tomorrow. So, have a good night and enjoy yourself!

Blog post #5

Day 2 Of Training

A week for training purposes isn't so bad, but they did say for now and that was vaguely ominous... Today was more exciting when it came to training, apparently I get trained on driving other vehicles too so that's cool. I was also shown how to put a space suit on for emergencies and how to use it. That was pretty awesome. But the one that takes the cake is the... POWER SUITS!!! I mean who trains janitors to use power suits? GRI does, cause GRI is awesome! I was also trained on basic weaponry and that is a little disconcerting but I mean who am I gonna fight? And if it gets to the point that janitors have to take up arms to fight I am pretty sure that that battle is lost. BATTLESUITS PEOPLE!! BATTLESUITS!! It was some awesome and so fucking cool man I wish I could wear a battlesuit all the time. I felt like I could fight anything and when I said that out loud the instructor said something about "good cause you might have to fight anything here in GRI". I wasn't paying too much attention cause I was in a FUCKING BATTLESUIT!! I so want to buy one when I catch up on some bills, maybe I can get an employee discount. Sorry but I am really excited about using a battlesuit cause they are just so... cool and they make you super strong and super-fast and with the on-board computer systems you also "think" faster too. I think I am going to end it here, cause all I am talking about the battlesuit and some of you might not like that and that’s okay. So, I am going to say good bye and try and get some sleep but I might be too excited to sleep.

Blog post #6

Day 3 Of Training

Today was first aid and that was a rollercoaster of emotions. So basic first aid is basic, I mean you treat wounds and all that then it gets messed up like because of the cloning technology they say "it's more humane to put somebody out of their misery, then to try and treat them. But don't worry, when you work here death is only but a minor hinderance," LIKE WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?!?! "just avoid destroying the chip at the base of the skull for humanoids and the like. As for aliens and beings with no discernable anatomy, just hope for the best and don't worry, you won't be charged for it is completely legal in any space owned or occupied by GRI." WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS!?!?!? OH, HEY BTW IF SOMEONE IS DYING JUST MAKE SURE THEY ARE DEAD CAUSE WE CAN BRING HIM BACK!!!! I was expecting to clean the odd spill or take care of the garbage but NOT CLEAN DEAD BODIES!!!

Blog post #7

Day 4 Of Training

Okay I have calmed down and I am sorry about yesterday's post, but that was some fucked up shit. Today was a lot of "hold the fort until help arrives" scenarios and that was kinda of cool. The zombie scenario was the best one, I was prepared for this one (years of gaming). I do find it odd that "zombies" can be a scenario and they have some really effective ways on dealing with them. Kind of paranoid if you ask me. The rogue AI leading the robot uprising was very creepy and hit close to home. The chemical ones usually involved you find protection or a gun and yes if you are wondering what it's for, it’s for you to kill yourself..."Remember folks! Here at GRI death is only a minor hinderance" this is some really fucked up shit and I am a little terrified about what this job is going to bring and I don't know if I can deal with... but it pays SO good and the benefits package is to die for (but it’s only a hinderance) and I did get to use a battlesuit and like half of these scenarios do require me to use a battlesuit, which is nice. I am really tired after not sleeping well for the last couple of days and there weren’t as many people as yesterday for training. I did become friends with some folks though, and no I won't say who they are...yet but I will call them "friend A" and "friend B". They seem like cool people, we really bonded during the zombie scenario. But I mean who doesn’t like killing zombies and our instructor... oh man I am pretty sure this person has SEEN some shit. I don’t ever want to be in his position or deal with anything he has dealt with, I mean that man has some issues. I did see this very cute and very beautiful elf lady, tall, slender, had these amazing hazel eyes, long dirty blonde hair done in a pony tail (or a bun I'm not sure) and this stone-cold dead pan look was quite possible one of the sexiest things I have seen in my life... guys I think I have fallen in love... but I only saw her for like 10 secs and that was it. I also think she might be a tech or a scientist... I should have payed attention to her outfit, shit. I may have new reason to stay at this job, the most noble of reasons... love... JK its money but she was the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Well I am going to end it here and say good night and sweat dreams.

Blog post #8

Day 5 Of Training

I just want to say I really hate workplace modules.

The Blog of RJF

By Ronnie Pepperson and Amanda Fowkes

Blog Post #1

Hello folks of the universe, my name is Riker Johaan Freyman and I have decided to start a blog for many reasons and those reasons are; 1) I have a lot to say and I want whoever is willing to listen, to listen. 2) I have always wanted to do a blog, 3) I want to leave something behind before my life ends, and 4) I am also really excited about this new job I just got and would like to talk about it. 

I am a half-elf (human father and elf mother) and I have been alive long enough to know one thing. The universe works in mysterious ways and is full of surprises. I’ve worked many jobs in my life and I don’t know if I want a career or be... something or do something yet... but I will say this, I have met a lot of people and I’ve enjoyed most of their company (can’t like everyone). So, coming back to reason number 4 and that’s that I got excited with this new job at the sanitation division for GRI. Yes, it may be “just” a "janitor" job but it pays so well and has such good benefits (I mean REALLY good benefits). I can do so many things with this kind of money like get some property or get a real expensive hobby or... something. 

I still have a bunch of paperwork to do but I come in tomorrow to start that and the other procedures needed for hiring. It’s weird, they say that I will get paid for doing all of this paperwork and training. I understand getting paid for training but paperwork? that is an odd one. I aint complaining cause that's more cash in my pocket. The audio "interview" was... quick to say the least and odd. They were all like "Riker Johaan Freyman would like to come in to an interview and see if you are ready to be a member of the GRI family?" I was hesitant at first, but I said yes. I went in and it was... different like they do this to much you know? They were professional and polite but there was no emotion. I have met a lot of interviewee's and some definitely had less emotion than others but there was none, zip, zilch, nothing. It’s probably nothing, it’s a real big organization and I find people have been in large corporations to long tend to be drained more than others.

I think I will cut here ‘cause I am getting tired and I want to get plenty of sleep for tomorrow be at my best and all that. So, I will say good night to whoever reads this and thanks for listening!

Blog post#2

Day #1 - "Paperwork"

You know, I don’t know why we call it paperwork, I mean we don’t use it... like ever. It’s a material used, that is made out of something that is vital to being able to breathe, and we use them to write on... WRITE ON!! like what is up with that? but coming back to the actual topic at hand "paperwork"... I have never read so much in my life. Like my eyes hurt and all I am seeing letters, so many letters. I am pretty sure I will be seeing letters in my sleep for the rest of my life.

I also did sign my life away or at least that what it feels like but I will say this If I get famous, I will have the best signature around! I lost count at like 100... ish on how many times I signed my name today and that was only a couple of hours in to this thing called "paperwork"? I can see why they are paying me for "paperwork" for its mentally and physically taxing. To whoever reads this thinks that it can’t be that bad or I have had worse, just think about the worst set of "paperwork" you had to do and multiply by 100 and its still only a tenth of what I did today but I did get it done...eventually...

There were a few things I found odd in this "paperwork" and by that, I mean a lot of things.

1) They asked me if I was okay with clones.

2) Then they asked about if I was squeamish when it came to EVERYTHING! GOOD LORD THE LIST WAS HUGE!!!!!!

3) Then they ask some real deep questions on death and how I felt about it.

4) Then they ask if I died very abruptly (hypothetically of course) and there was a way to live but it was required that they scan my brain and put it in a completely identical body with every memory intact except for the last few seconds of death. I said that sounds real fucked up, but kinda cool. The questions were really specific.

5) They asked a series of questions on where I stand morally and that was too much for me.

6) Have I killed before

7) If push came to shove, could I kill again. I was getting really uncomfortable with some these questions.

8) Do I take drugs for any reason.

9) Will I be willing to take drugs (primarily) for recreational use.

10) Have I seen a therapist or anything of the sort.

11) Would I be willing to if I ever needed one.

12) How I feel about weapons of all sizes and varieties.

And so, on so forth. It’s goes on for a while but these are the ones that stood out that I can remember. I am done for today I think and call it a day folks. I will let you know how tomorrow goes, something about a physical and a mental test. Good night.

Blog #3 

Day #2 - Physical/Mental "testing"

So, I wasn't actually expecting a physical test or a stress test or any kind of actual test. They are serious about this thing and a lot of the questions from yesterdays "paperwork" and i am worried. They gave me all sorts of weird shots to make me a better person, mind you I felt pretty good after all of the tests I went through today. The cloning thing was scary and now they tell me for lawsuit reasons that I need a chip in my brain and they assured me that it was only to scan my brain in case of immediate, unexpected death and it was for my body clone. That’s when I knew I was getting into something over my head but I told myself you’re this far in, let’s go for broke, and see this through to the bitter end.


All I am is a glorified janitor, a robot could do what I do. But no, we need people for that "organic interaction". What, people need to see other people clean their messes or something? Man, talk about being full of yourselves. I will say that I got a small glance at the benefits packages, and it looks so good! And I get a week of paid vacation every 3 months...SCORE!! And after 3 months I will get a raise and a big one to boot! So, this might be worth it and there is no way to tell except to start working. Mind you, I don’t start till next week but for now I am going to treat myself, they did pay me for the last 2 days... and I could use some real greasy heart stopping food right now. Good night!


A poem by Amanda Fowkes

I have not been me

For quite some time

Surrounding myself with others

They become a part of me

Never have I been so close

Yet so far from who I am

I don’t understand how

But I am not me anymore

Around other people

I become like them

Understanding how to change

Who I am becoming

Yet unable to change

What is going on

I am stuck

In a never-ending circle

Changing who I am daily

Confusing myself and those around me

I am a chameleon

Ever changing

Ever evolving

Ever hiding…


Lost…in a sea of confusing emotions

So near a bank of safe haven

Lost…in a fog of frustration

So close to finding understanding

Lost…in a daze of amazement

So in love

Too Late

A poem by Amanda Fowkes

Too Late

The cold waves lapped cruelly against her exhausted body

Brutally forcing her out of her blissful daydreams

Daydreams of such comfort that would never come true

Shattered were the dreams of tomorrow

By the all-encompassing ocean of regret and pain

Causing tears to flow freely down her cheeks in proof of her innocence

Never ending tears entered the livid cuts

Slashed upon her face by everyone and no one

Hindering her ability to grow into her radiance

Angering those featureless people around her

Not knowing how tender and shy she truly was

Endless torture brought about by others’ frustrations

Causing endless unendurable pain

Pain and dashed hope

And dreams torn asunder

By people who meant well

By people who would never know

The pain

The soul wrenching agony they’d put her through

Those who’d meant well

Yet didn’t see

The burning horrible choices they’d forced upon her

Until it was

Too Late.